Peter M. Hooper

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MOTIVATION Current software tools are moderately effective in predicting genetic structure (exons, introns, intergenic regions, and complete genes) from raw DNA sequence data. Improvements in accuracy and speed are needed to deal with the increasing volume of data from large scale sequencing projects. RESULTS We present a two-stage computer program to(More)
Logistic regression is frequently used in pattern recognition problems to model conditional probabilities of class membership given features observed. While performing well in many applications, logistic regression is limited to a relatively simple parametric model and is often not suitable for complex applications. This article describes a generalization(More)
A number of methods have been proposed to estimate the period of a variable star; e.g., a recent approach uses smoothing spline regression to fit tentative periodic functions (light curves) and selects the period minimizing a robust goodness-of-fit criterion. These methods assume that measurement errors vary independently over time. Empirical evidence,(More)
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