Peter M. Geiser

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We present detailed instructions for constructing and operating an optical trap using a hollow core fiber and two-laser beams. The trap is stable, confining 100-nm to 10-␮m particles of a variety of materials for hours of leisurely observation. The trap operates at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, costs less than $1400, and requires no machining.(More)
Tunable laser absorption spectroscopy (TLAS) has been well accepted as a preferred measurement technique for many industrial applications in recent years, especially for in situ applications. Previously, mainly near-infrared lasers have been used in TLAS sensors. The advent of compact mid-infrared light sources, like quantum cascade lasers and interband(More)
Recent developments in quantum cascade lasers have enabled the development of new sensors for in-situ applications that have so far only been possible with extractive systems. In this work, a sensor is presented using a unique Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy approach to measure tetrafluoromethane, a strong greenhouse gas. The sensor was characterized in(More)
1. Safer-sex education is crucial for controlling the spread of HIV and this education is within the realm of nursing practice. 2. Safer-sex education for persons with mental illness must include repetitive, interactive education capitalizing on verbal, visual, written, tactile, and motor skill teaching methods to compensate for learning disabilities that(More)
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