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Global warming leads to increased intensity and frequency of weather extremes. Such increased environmental variability might in turn result in increased variation in the demographic rates of interacting species with potentially important consequences for the dynamics of food webs. Using a theoretical approach, we here explore the response of food webs to a(More)
Technological and economic trends determining the development of High Performance Computing (HPC) hardware architectures and systems in the time range 2006–2011 is investigated, as well as its implications for scientific applications in the area of molecular modeling. In part I of the report, information regarding the HPC development has been obtained by(More)
The initial formation stages (i.e., island nucleation, island growth, and island coa-lescence) set characteristic length scales during growth of thin films from the vapor phase. They are, thus, decisive for morphological and microstructural features of films and nanostructures. Each of the initial formation stages has previously been well-investigated(More)
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