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Angelman syndrome (AS) is a genetic disorder that is associated with a deletion on chromosome 15, and is characterized by abnormalities or impairments in neurological, motor and intellectual functioning. While behaviour problems have been reported in clients with AS, relatively little is known about their developmental course and outcome. In this study,(More)
Persistent elements and relationships underlie the design and delivery of educational assessments, despite their widely varying purposes, contexts, and data types. One starting point for analyzing these relationships is the assessment as experienced by the examinee: 'What kinds of questions are on the test?,' 'Can I do them in any order?,' 'Which ones did I(More)
The swinging spring, or elastic pendulum, has a 2:1:1 resonance arising at cubic order in its approximate Lagrangian. The corresponding modulation equations are the well-known three-wave equations that also apply, for example, in laser-matter interaction in a cavity. We use Hamiltonian reduction and pattern evocation techniques to derive a formula that(More)
A study of nine Irish catchments was carried out to quantify the expected impact of climate change on hydrology in Ireland. Boundary data from the European Centre Hamburg Model Version 5 (ECHAM 5) general circulation model were used to force the Rossby Centre Atmosphere Model (RCA3) regional climate model, producing dynamically downscaled precipitation and(More)
The numerical forecasts made in 1950 using the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) paved the way for the remarkable advances that have been made over the past half-century in weather prediction and climate modeling. We review the circumstances in which the forecasts were made, the nature of the ENIAC machine, and the roles of the people(More)
Analyzed data for numerical prediction can be effectively initialized by means of a digital filter. Computation time is reduced by using an optimal filter. The construction of optimal filters involves the solution of a nonlinear minimization problem using an iterative procedure. In this paper a simple filter based on the Dolph–Chebyshev window, which has(More)
Keywords: ROMS Storm surge Regional atmosphere model Extreme surge a b s t r a c t The Regional Ocean Model System (ROMS) of Rutgers University is used to investigate the influence of anthropogenic climate change on storm surges over Irish waters, particularly on the extreme values. Two experiments were performed to confirm the validity of the approach in(More)