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Regional right ventricular (RV) motion was examined in six acutely instrumented dogs by implanting radiopaque markers in three regions of the free wall: the apex, the midventricle, and the outflow tract. These markers were filmed at the paced heart rate of 180 beats/min with a high-speed biplane X-ray system, and their motion was analyzed with a digital(More)
The possibility that left ventricular (LV) performance might affect right ventricular (RV) function through the myocardium was examined by using isolated, flow-perfused, paced rabbit hearts beating isovolumically. Reducing LV volume from its optimal volume to zero caused a 5.7% decrease (N = 10, P less than 0.001) in right ventricular developed pressure(More)
Acyl-CoA thioesterase (Acot)2 localizes to the mitochondrial matrix and hydrolyses long-chain fatty acyl-CoA into free FA and CoASH. Acot2 is expressed in highly oxi-dative tissues and is poised to modulate mitochondrial FA oxidation (FAO), yet its biological role is unknown. Using a model of adenoviral Acot2 overexpression in mouse liver (Ad-Acot2), we(More)
The myocardial interaction between the ventricles was studied using isolated, flow-perfused, paced rabbit hearts beating isovolumically. In general, increasing left ventricular (LV) volume increased right ventricular (RV) diastolic and developed pressures. In particular, with a peak RV volume (RVV), increasing LV volume (LVV) from zero to two-thirds of its(More)
The intratracheal pressure oscillations produced by the heartbeat, called the pneumocardiogram, were recorded in 15 dogs. It was found that a linear relationship existed between the amplitude of the major negative deflection of the pneumocardiogram and the cardiac stroke volume, the latter determined either by indicator dilution (avg r = 0.94) or by use of(More)
A scanning and transmission electron microscope study of canine jugular and femoral veins revealed that large numbers of white cells adhered to the vessel walls, passed through the endothelial intercellular junctions and accumulated in pockets between the endothelium and basement membrane. This led to extensive separation and desquamation of endothelial(More)