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Amyloidosis is a pathological process in which normally soluble proteins polymerize to form insoluble fibrils (amyloid). Amyloid formation is found in a number of diseases, including Alzheimer's disease, adult-onset diabetes, and light-chain-associated amyloidosis. No pharmaceutical methods currently exist to prevent this process or to remove the fibrils(More)
least someone of the inner cult who is able to understand computers) he need only "ask the computer". The computer is an all knowing oracle which can even predict the future. When Benson begins to have seizures at an increasing rate-clearly an unexpected event-the trusty and faithful computer in The Terminal Man is easily able to tell (when asked by a(More)
completed three years of the five year plan (one planning and fou r implementation years). E 3 is a radical departure from the traditional undergraduat e engineering curriculum, Out of recognition that engineering is a problem-solving profession, instead of a prescribed curriculum of courses , the undergraduate program is organized around small groups(More)
The recently formed (Nov. 9, 1972) Computer Impact on Society Section in NSF's Office of Computing Activities reflected a growing need to understand the wide and deep impact which computers and associated information technology are having on our social organizations and way of life. The program has two principal thrusts, computer impact on organizations and(More)
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