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Component based software development (CBSD) has been established in the development of automotive real-time embedded applications at Bosch. CBSD together with software product line (SPL) practice has improved software reuse, productivity, quality and complexity management, by raising the level of abstraction for software constructions and by sharing(More)
Gait and balance training is an essential ingredient for locomotor rehabilitation of patients with neurological impairments. Robotic overhead support systems may help these patients train, for example by relieving them of part of their body weight. However, there are only very few systems that provide support during overground gait, and these suffer from(More)
Covert channels have the unique quality of masking evidence that a communication has ever occurred between two parties. For spies and terrorist cells, this quality can be the difference between life and death. However, even the detection of communications in a botnet could be troublesome for its creators. To evade detection and prevent insights into the(More)
The content of free cystine was measured in cultures of fibroblasts from heterozygotes and children homozygous for the infantile type of cystinosis and from normal controls by a modified procedure. The values in 4 homozygotes ranged between 4.2–8.0 μmoles 1/2 cystine/g protein; those in 7 heterozygotes between 0.2–0.7 μmoles 1/2 cystine/g protein; and those(More)
Open Controllers rely on vendor neutral specifications which enable the interand exchangeability of control specific software modules. The basis for these open control systems is formed by a standardised system platform, which on the one hand hides system-specific details, like e.g. hardware equipment and operating system, and on the other hand provides a(More)
Within the ESPRIT III project OSACA (Open System Architecture for Controls within Automation systems) of the European Commission the necessary specifications for an open control system were worked out and first prototypes of the system platform were realized. The system platform is the basis of the OSACA architecture and acts as the framework for the(More)
Haptic guidance in robot-assisted therapy does not only relieve the therapist from physical work load and increase the possible training intensity. Haptic guidance can also be used to adapt the task difficulty level to the patient's abilities, which is assumed to maximize the learning rate. Hereby, task difficulty can address either the patient's physical(More)
Covert channels are used as a means of secretly transferring information when there is a need to hide the fact that communication is taking place. With the vast amount of traffic on the internet, network protocols have become a common vehicle for covert channels, typically hiding information in the header fields of packets. Domain name service (DNS) packets(More)
Covert communication is a rapidly expanding field of research with significant impact on the security theater. These communication methods, or “covert channels”, can be applied in a number of ways, including as a mechanism for an attacker to leak data from a monitored system or network. This paper sets out to contribute to this field by introducing a new(More)