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This study examines and compares prominent characteristics of maternal responsiveness to infant activity during home-based naturalistic interactions of mother-infant dyads in New York City, Paris, and Tokyo. Both culture-general and culture-specific patterns of responsiveness emerged. For example, in all 3 locales infants behaved similarly, mothers also(More)
The Arden Syntax, a language designed for writing and sharing task-specific knowledge for Medical Logic Modules (MLMs), has been recently accepted as a standard by the ASTM. The syntax is concerned with the critical task of sharing medical knowledge bases across many institutions. Because of the relative lack of agreement on vocabularies and data standards(More)
In implementing a clinical event monitor (CEM), a decision-support system, we worked with an existing repository of clinical data (Keystone), fed from ancillary systems using HL7. The rules are written in the Arden Syntax, an ASTM standard for expressing medical knowledge as medical logic modules (MLMs). The Arden Syntax leaves unspecified the clinical data(More)
Store-and-forward MTA relaying servers have frequently presented problems to various antispam techniques, such as IP-based reputation or email authentication. Algorithms that find email relaying servers can use knowledge about a domain's outbound IP addresses combined with cryptographic domain authentication frameworks such as DomainKeys. This paper(More)
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