Peter Lowdon

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This study investigated the interaction between heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) during conscious control under visual biofeedback and background noise conditions. Normotensive volunteers were instructed to (i) decrease and (ii) increase HR (group A, n = 16) or BP (group B, n = 16). After instructions to lower HR or BP there was no significant change(More)
We provide a pedagogical introduction to extensions of the Standard Model in which the Higgs is composite. These extensions are known as models of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking or, in brief, Technicolor. Material covered includes: motivations for Technicolor, the construction of underlying gauge theories leading to minimal models of Technicolor,(More)
Determining the structure of spectral densities is important for understanding the behavior of any quantum field theory (QFT). However, the exact calculation of these quantities often requires a full nonperturbative description of the theory, which for physically realistic theories such as quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is currently unknown. Nevertheless, it(More)
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