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1.0 Abstract This paper is a preliminary report on techniques and approaches to error recovery, both in automation and in other fields (such as autonomous robotics) where analogous problems occur. The term 'error recovery' is often used as a common name for the three sub areas error/fault detection, error/ fault diagnose, and recovery from the resulting(More)
This paper describes a unified architecture for control applications using an extended object-oriented database system with queries and rules. We specify the requirements that control applications demand on the database, and how they are met by our database system architecture. The database system, AMOS, is a main memory database that provides information(More)
We introduce here a software architecture for the control of a sensor based manufacturing system consisting of a number of machines and peripheral equipment. The architecture divides the programming effort into two levels, task level programming and control level programming. The task level programming is based on the programming of a discrete model of the(More)
This paper describes our design of real-time systems laboratories in an integrated theme of study which includes automatic control. The theme appears at the end of the third year of a 4,5 year master of engineering programme, which adopts Problem-Based Learning (PBL) as a main pedagogical method. We describe the rationale behind our choice of application(More)
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