Peter Loborg

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s from the INSPEC data base are included. [40]* K.H. Chang and M. Edhala. Execution error recovery for planning<lb>systems. In Proceedings of the Seventh Annual International Phoenix<lb>Conference on Computers and Communications. p.492-6, 1988 [41]* S.J. Chang and G. Goldbogen and F. DiCesare. Automated error recovery<lb>in manufacturing systems through(More)
This paper describes a unified architecture for control applications using an extended object-oriented database system with queries and rules. We specify the requirements that control applications demand on the database, and how they are met by our database system architecture. The database system, AMOS, is a main memory database that provides information(More)
We introduce here a software architecture for the control of a sensor based manufacturing system consisting of a number of machines and peripheral equipment. The architecture divides the programming effort into two levels, task level programming and control level programming. The task level programming is based on the programming of a discrete model of the(More)
This paper argues that real-time control systems should be structured in abstraction layers in provide adequate instruction formalisms for both task specification and for low level control, and that the design information used when specifying the system should be included in the encoding of the abstraction barrier. When this design information is available,(More)
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