Peter Littrup

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PURPOSE Will early detection impact on stage of disease and recurrence of prostate cancer in a high risk population? We initiated a community based study to educate and recruit African American men for early diagnosis of prostate cancer, that is the Detroit Education and Early Detection (DEED) study. Our objective was to evaluate our recruitment process for(More)
A 38 year old woman with diabetes mellitus and bronchial asthma was admitted to hospital with pneumonia caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae; she recovered promptly on erythromycin treatment. Six weeks later she presented with aortic valve endocarditis without concurrent lung disease. A concurrent increase in titres of antibody to Legionella bozemanii, L(More)
Ultrasound is commonly used as an adjunct to mammography for diagnostic evaluation of suspicions arising from breast cancer screening. As an alternative to conventional sonography that uses hand-held transducers, toroidal array probes that encircle the breast immersed in a water bath have been investigated for ultrasound tomography. In this paper, two sets(More)
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