Peter Lipscomb

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Among a sample of 767 high utilizers of health care, 51% were identified as distressed by an elevated score on the SCL anxiety and depression scales, the SCL somatization scale, or by their primary-care physician. These distressed high utilizers were found to have a high prevalence of chronic medical problems and significant limitation of activities caused(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify differences between patients viewed as frustrating by their physicians and those considered typical and satisfying. DESIGN This cross-sectional observational study focused on psychologically distressed high users of medical services. Frustrating patients were compared with typical and satisfying patients, using data from patient(More)
OBJECTIVE The DSM-III-R diagnosis of somatization disorder requires that a patient have a specific number of medically unexplained somatic symptoms. This number of symptoms was developed by committee consensus, and it is not clear whether patients with this specific number of symptoms can be differentiated from patients with lower but still substantial(More)