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Coal worker's pneumoconiosis is caused by the pulmonary deposition of coal dust, including silica particles. Several factors such as chemical composition and physical properties of silica-containing dust, particle size distribution, intensity, and duration of exposure influence the disease development. Genetic factors may also be involved. To define whether(More)
A transformation of a tree decorated according to some attribute grammar may leave the tree containing attribute inconsistencies. An attribute reevaluation algorithm computes new attribute values for affected attribute instances. It has to guarantee, that never an inconsistent attribute value is accessed. Reps' algorithm performs this task in time,(More)
Maize (Zea mays) production in sub-Saharan Africa is constantly threatened by the potential outbreak of multiple foliar diseases such as maize streak, northern leaf blight, gray leaf spot, and rust. Improvement of host resistance to these diseases can provide an important component of integrated pest management (IPM). In this paper, conventional and(More)
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