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CAD models for multilayered substrate interdigital capacitors
Conformal mapping-based models are given for interdigital capacitors on substrates with a thin superstrate and/or covering dielectric film. The models are useful for a wide range of dielectricExpand
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Composite right/left handed transmission line phase shifter using ferroelectric varactors
A composite right/left handed (CRLH) transmission line (TL) phase shifter, using ferroelectric (Ba/sub 0.25/Sr/sub 0.75/TiO/sub 3/) varactors as tunable element, is presented for the first time. ItExpand
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Design of broad-band lumped-element baluns with inherent impedance transformation
This paper reports on a novel lumped balun topology, the second-order lattice balun, with broad-band performance. The design is based on synthetic transmission lines operating as impedanceExpand
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Experimental Investigation of the Accuracy of an Ultrawideband Time-Domain Microwave-Tomographic System
The measurement accuracy of an ultrawideband (UWB) time-domain microwave-tomographic system is investigated. In order to make an assessment of the random variation of the measurements, theExpand
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Metallic 3-D Printed Antennas for Millimeter- and Submillimeter Wave Applications
This paper presents a study to use the metallic three dimensional (3-D) printing technology for antenna implementations up to 325 GHz. Two different printing technologies and materials are used,Expand
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Mode chart of electrically thin parallel-plate circular resonators
Modes in electrically thin circular parallel-plate resonators are discussed in detail. It is shown that the widely used mode indices (found from the field solutions) do not indicate the radialExpand
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Development of a Time Domain Microwave System for Medical Diagnostics
In this paper, a time-domain system dedicated to medical diagnostics has been designed, a prototype has been built and its performance has been evaluated. Measurements show that the system has a 3-dBExpand
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Accuracy Evaluation of Ultrawideband Time Domain Systems for Microwave Imaging
We perform a theoretical analysis of the measurement accuracy of ultrawideband time domain systems. The theory is tested on a specific ultrawideband system and the analytical estimates of measurementExpand
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Design of broadband lumped element baluns
This paper reports on a small size broadband lumped element balun suitable for integration in MMICs. The design is an extension of the well known lattice balun, which independent of frequency hasExpand
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CAD Model of a Gap in a Coplanar Waveguide
The partial capacitance approach and conformal mapping techniques are used to evaluate simple closed-form models for parallel and series capacitances of equivalent π-network of a symmetric gap in aExpand
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