Peter Liljedahl

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Number Worlds: visualisation and experimentation 2 ABSTRACT: Recent research demonstrates that many issues related to the structure of natural numbers and the relationship among numbers are not well grasped. In this article, we describe a computer-based learning environment called Number Worlds that was designed to support the exploration of elementary(More)
This book presents storytelling in mathematics as a medium for creating a classroom in which mathematics is appreciated, understood, and enjoyed. The authors demonstrate how students' mathematical activity can be engaged via storytelling. Readers are introduced to many mathematical stories of different kinds, such as stories that provide a frame or a(More)
In 1943 Jacques Hadamard gave a series of lectures on mathematical invention at the École Libre des Hautes Etudes in New York City. These talks were subsequently published as The Psychology of Mathematical Invention in the Mathematical Field (Hadamard,1945). In this article I present a study that mirrors the work of Hadamard. Results both confirm and extend(More)
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