Peter Liljedahl

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This study explores the attempts of a group of preservice elementary school teachers to generalize a repeating visual number pattern. We discuss students’ emergent algebraic thinking and the variety of ways in which they generalize and symbolize their generalizations. Our results indicate that students’ ability to express generality verbally was not(More)
In this article we investigate how preservice elementary school (K–7) teachers understand the concept of prime numbers. We describe participants’ understanding of primes and attempt to detect factors that influence their understanding. Representation of number properties serves as a lens for the analysis of participants’ responses. We suggest that an(More)
A horizontal translation of a function is the focus of this study. We examine the explanations provided by secondary school students and secondary school teachers to a translation of a function, focusing on the example of the parabola y = (x−3)2 and its relationship to y = x2. The participants’ explanations focused on attending to patterns, locating the(More)
The study explores how students, who had completed the AP calculus course, mathematized the optimal navigation real-life problem simulated in the Second Life Virtual Environment. The particular research interest was to investigate whether/how students’ empirical activity in VE influences the way of their mathematizing.
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