Peter Leipzig-Scott

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Production of organic chemicals (OCs) is increasing exponentially, and some OCs biomagnify through food webs to potentially toxic levels. Biomagnification under field conditions is best described by trophic magnification factors (TMFs; per trophic level change in log-concentration of a chemical) which have been measured for more than two decades. Syntheses(More)
Terrestrial invasive plants are a global problem and are becoming ubiquitous components of most ecosystems. They are implicated in altering disturbance regimes, reducing biodiversity, and changing ecosystem function, sometimes in profound and irreversible ways. However, the ecological impacts of most invasive plants have not been studied experimentally, and(More)
In September 2013, the Front Range of Colorado experienced a 1000-year precipitation event that caused widespread flooding, channel migration, and loss of man-made infrastructure. Opportunities have seemingly arisen to speed implementation of pre-existing plans to perform flood mitigation using non-structural techniques along the St. Vrain Creek. A decision(More)
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