Peter Lederer

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OBJECTIVES School principals play an important role in maintaining the performance and health of teachers but often feel over-burdened themselves and suffer illnesses, which not only impairs their health-promoting function but also leads to limitations in their fitness for the occupation. The aim of our study was, therefore, using objective parameters and(More)
Sun exposure is the main environmental risk factor for the development of melanocytic nevi. Although the general association is not disputed, the interplay between intense intermittent and the cumulative amount of sun exposure in defining the promoting effect on melanocytic nevus development is an area of debate. Trained staff members ascertained total body(More)
In a prospective study, over a period of four years 11,528 anonymous questionnaires concerning premature unfitness for work among civil servants were evaluated. The questionnaire was devised by the investigators. The main items of interest were: age, sex, career and occupation, main diagnosis and accompanying symptoms, duration of illness, rehabilitation(More)
The problem of premature unfitness for work of (grammar school) teachers is of great social and social-medical interest. The possible causes and suitable measures of intervention remain a subject of controversy. The aim of this study was, on the basis of a random sample of a large number of cases, to gain a differentiated overview of the extent and type of(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors performed a group-based program for obese children and adolescents in Bavaria, Germany to enable them to establish a health-oriented lifestyle and to reduce overweight. The authors compared this program with a control approach based on the patients' own initiative. DESIGN This is a controlled clinical trial. SETTING A nutrition(More)
The findings and resulting number of rejections from 9.043 medical examinations of candidates for posts as civil servants in 1994 in Bavaria and a retrospective evaluation of 500 examinations at two large public health departments in Bavaria were used to discuss the value of such examinations and present possible alternatives. The rate of rejections for(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to investigate the concentration of organochlorine compounds of environmental-medical relevance in biological materials from refugees with regard to their countries of origin and to compare these concentrations with the internal exposure of the German general population. METHODS During medical examination after entry to(More)
XML-based metadata is widely adopted across the different communities and plenty of commercial and open source tools for processing and transforming are available on the market. However, all of these tools have the same requirement: they operate on plain text encoded metadata which may become a burden especially in constrained and streaming environments,(More)
RNA interference (RNAi) has become an important tool to study and utilize gene silencing by introducing short interfering RNA (siRNA). In order to predict the most efficient siRNAs, a new software tool, RNA Workbench (RNAWB), has been designed and is freely available (after registration) on In addition to the standard selection(More)
OBJECTIVE Childhood obesity is a growing health problem among German children. Birth weight is considered to have a major influence on the course of postnatal weight. The present study investigates the relation between birth weight and body weight at health examination prior to school entry. We tested other parameters influencing childhood obesity, and(More)