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Recent and increased interest of wireless mobile ad hoc networking motivates detailed examination of routing schemes specifically targeted for the demanding constraints that an unreliable, time varying and broadcast like wireless medium imposes. Incorporation and exploitation of radio characteristics are fundamental keys to successful and near optimal(More)
— In this paper, multiuser ARQ is extended to multicasting. The core idea is that the sender, based on feedback from users regarding successfully received transmissions, adapts code weights for data packet linear combinations that are then sent. Each user exploits its previously received information in decoding the linearly combined packets. Specifically, a(More)
—In this paper, we consider network coded (NCed) Hybrid-ARQ (HARQ) for multiple unicast flows. The main contribution of the paper is the derivation of throughput expression for NCed HARQ with arbitrary number of users ini.i.d. channels. We apply the result to Rayleigh fading channels for incremental redundancy (IR) and chase combining (CC) based NCed HARQ.(More)