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Several studies on Twitter usage during disasters analyze tweets collected using ad-hoc keywords pre-defined by researchers. While recent efforts have worked to improve this methodology, open questions remain about which keywords can be used to uncover tweets contributing to situational awareness (SA) and the quality of tweets returned using different(More)
31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) was used to study an open therapeutic trial of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ) in mitochondrial encephalomyopathies. Eight patients were treated with 150 mg CoQ per day for 6 months. 31P MRS spectra of calf muscle were recorded at rest, during exercise and in the immediate postexercise recovery period. Although there was an(More)
A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Abstract In today's interconnected world, threats from anywhere in the world can have serious global repercussions. In particular, two types of threats have a global impact: 1) cyber crime and 2) cyber and biological weapons. If a country's(More)
Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), in their aspect as online communities, represent an exciting opportunity for studying social and behavioral models. For that purpose we have developed Cosmopolis, a free MMOG containing several key research-oriented features. First, Cosmopolis consists of an outer game for larger-scale social modeling, as well as(More)
In the present work, we compare samples of tweets from the Twitter Streaming API that were constructed from different connections tracking the same popular keywords at the same time. We find that tweets from the Streaming API are not sampled at random; rather, on average over 96% of the tweets seen in one sample are seen in all others. Somewhat(More)
As the growth in popularity of massively multiplayer online games and virtual worlds has correspondingly increased research interest in investigating culture in synthetic environments. One representation of culture in games is the narrative provided in MMORPGs' quest sets. Quests-tasks given to players-provide a window into the traits of artificial cultures(More)
In this article, the authors discuss the development of the SUDAN GAME, an interactive model of the country in the time period leading up to the Sudanese referendum on the secession of the South. While many simulations are designed to educate about their subjects, the SUDAN GAME is intended to be a prototype for policy making via gameplay. It is implemented(More)
Two cases of aneurysmal re-rupture during intracranial angiography are presented. This event is accompanied by disastrous consequences with regard to the clinical condition of the patient, as is evident from the cases presented as well as from the literature. Acute alterations of intraluminal pressure as well as a time interval of less than 6 h seems to(More)
Social media is playing a growing role in disaster management and response. Expectations are that such media can be critical for sending alerts, identifying critical needs, and focusing response. However, for social media to be used in that way, it will be necessary to understand how social media is used during normal, i.e., non-disaster periods. Herein we(More)