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Several studies on Twitter usage during disasters analyze tweets collected using ad-hoc keywords pre-defined by researchers. While recent efforts have worked to improve this methodology, open questions remain about which keywords can be used to uncover tweets contributing to situational awareness (SA) and the quality of tweets returned using different(More)
BACKGROUND Stent implantation for obstructive femoropopliteal artery disease has been associated with poor long-term outcomes. This study evaluated the effectiveness of shape memory alloy recoverable technology (SMART) nitinol self-expanding stents coated with a polymer impregnated with sirolimus (rapamycin) versus uncoated SMART Stents in superficial(More)
OBJECTIVE High soft-tissue contrast and multiplanar imaging capabilities of MRI may be advantageous in biopsy guidance compared to CT. We report our first results with MR-guided core biopsies using a closed 1.0 T MR imager. METHODS AND PATIENTS In ten patients, seven liver lesions and one lesion each in the muscle of the back, the gluteal muscle and in(More)
The purpose of this study is to compare triphasic helical CT and fast MRI with respect to detection, characterization and staging of suspected renal masses. To achieve this triphasic helical CT (plain, corticonephrographic and tubulonephrographic phase) and MRI with fast T(1) weighted and T(2) weighted sequences were performed in 29 patients with a(More)
OBJECTIVE Arterial revascularization with either internal thoracic artery (ITA) or radial artery (RA) appears to be particularly attractive in diabetic patients. Previous investigations have shown that endothelial dysfunction and artherosclerosis are seen more often in these patients. The aim of this study was to compare the vasoreactive properties of ITA(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES To evaluate the intraluminal signal characteristics of various stents and stent-grafts in contrast-enhanced three-dimensional MR angiography (3D MRA) in vitro. METHODS Fourteen stents made of different materials (steel, nitinol, tantalum, cobalt-based alloy, polyethylene) and six stent-grafts were implanted in plastic tubes(More)
Ultrasound is the most widespread diagnostic procedure in obstructive disease of the arteries supplying the brain. The combined non-invasive information on morphology and function makes duplex ultrasound the procedure of choice in screening and follow-up of carotid artery disease. This review deals with all relevant aspects of color duplex ultrasound of the(More)
The accuracy of quantifying the degree of vascular stenosis with color Doppler flow imaging (7.5-MHz, linear array system) was determined in an experimental study carried out on six concentric and five eccentric model stenoses (cross-sectional area reduction, 13.4%-93.8%). The measurements were made with use of pulsatile flow at four different flow rates(More)
PURPOSE Comparative evaluation of specimens obtained with different MR-compatible biopsy systems and a conventional ferromagnetic system. METHODS Biopsies of a pig liver were performed post-mortem with three different MR-compatible (Somatex; E-Z-EM; Daum) and one conventional biopsy system (Somatex), five with each device. The specimens were measured and(More)
BACKGROUND Calcineurin-inhibitor (CNI)-related renal failure is a common problem after cardiac transplantation (HTx). The aim of this study was to introduce a CNI-free immunosuppressive regimen to HTx recipients with late posttransplant renal impairment and to evaluate the impact of conversion to this new immunosuppression (mycophenolate mofetil [MMF] and(More)