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Changing trends in the indications for paediatric tracheostomies, with decreasing numbers of tracheostomies being performed, have been reported in the literature. In a retrospective analysis of the period 1971 to 1990 the experience of tracheostomies in children under the age of 15 at Our Lady's Hospital (Dublin) is reviewed. Only 29 tracheostomies were(More)
The reientless integration of computer technologv into all facets of society has also profoundly affected the marine industry. Onboard computers not only perform routine oflce work, but are also used for a variety of functions that extend human capabilities. For instance, global positioning system (GPS), together with electronic charts (ECDIS), has(More)
Lake Toolibin, an ephemeral lake in the agricultural zone of Western Australia, is under threat from secondary salinity due to land clearance throughout the catchment. The lake is extensively covered with native vegetation and is a Ramsar listed wetland, being one of the few remaining significant migratory bird habitats in the region. Currently, inflow with(More)
In recent years more focus has been placed on integrated health and social care services within most western countries. Despite the reported importance of this area, it has not been explored enough in simulation research. Current modeling methods of healthcare systems focus on compartmentalized and specific specialties, such as emergency room modeling.(More)
Wider healthcare provision is typically reliant on a complex choreography of service providers and associated stakeholders. Ambulatory, accident & emergency (A&E), primary care and other services need to be able to react to a number of changes, including demographic and associated funding pressures. Combining Modeling and Simulation (M&S)(More)
A web-based system dynamics simulation environment that allows data exchange and comparison that lead to policy evaluation and re-shaping is presented. The environment uses a set of different healthcare models that can be published, shared and run on the web. The environment supports the collection of different data input sets that are used by modellers to(More)
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