Peter L. Graumann

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We describe the use of time-lapse fluorescence microscopy to visualize the movement of the DNA replication origin and terminus regions on the Bacillus subtilis chromosome during the course of the(More)
We show that Bacillus subtilis SMC (structural maintenance of chromosome protein) localizes to discrete foci in a cell cycle-dependent manner. Early in the cell cycle, SMC moves from the middle of(More)
Like other bacteria, Bacillus subtilis possesses a family of homologous small acidic proteins (CspB, CspC and CspD, identity >70%) that are strongly induced in response to cold shock. We show that(More)
We have found that SMC-like RecN protein, RecF and RecO proteins that are involved in DNA recombination play an important role in DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair in Bacillus subtilis. Upon(More)