Peter L. Olson

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This study investigated the effects of brain damage on perceptual/cognitive skills and driving. The subjects included 23 persons with brain damage, 18 persons with spinal-cord damage, and 10 able-bodied persons. Each subject was evaluated using a battery of perceptual and cognitive tests, a set of driving tasks in a parking lot, and actual in-traffic(More)
We present numerical dynamo models which qualitatively reproduce some structural characteristics of the present-day geomagnetic field. Timedependent convection in an electrically conducting, rotating spherical shell at Ekman numbers 1 3 x l0 -4 generates dipole-dominated magnetic fields, which exhibit distinct bundles of strong radial flux at high(More)
This paper describes the approach to database integration in a heterogeneous distributed database environment utilized by the Amoco Distributed Database System (ADDS). We start with the definition of the extended relational data model that is used by ADDS for database integration. We demonstrate various aspects of resolving possible data conflicts occurring(More)
This study investigated (1) the modifiability of perceptual deficits by simple paper-and-pencil exercises, and (2) the effects of such exercises on driving performance. Eight subjects with acquired brain damage were given 8 to 10 hours of perceptual training. The training was preceded and followed by repeated evaluations of perceptual skills and in-traffic(More)
The systemic absorption of orally administered vancomycin was evaluated in five patients (six occasions) with moderate to severe renal insufficiency and documented antibiotic-associated colitis. The patients' ages ranged from 28 to 63 years and weights varied from 50.0 to 76.2 kg. Vancomycin doses were 125 mg (one case), 250 mg (three cases), and 500 mg(More)
PURPOSE To identify and characterize novel, activating mutations in Notch receptors in breast cancer and to determine response to the gamma secretase inhibitor (GSI) PF-03084014. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We used several computational approaches, including novel algorithms, to analyze next-generation sequencing data and related omic datasets from The Cancer(More)
Numerical calculations of fluid dynamos powered by thermal convection in a rotating, electrically conducting spherical shell are analyzed. We find two regimes of nonreversing, strong field dynamos at Ekman number 10 -4 and Rayleigh numbers up to 11 times critical. In the strongly columnar regime, convection occurs only in the fluid exterior to the inner(More)
This pilot study investigated the modifiability of perceptual deficits by training which consisted of performing microcomputer-generated video tasks. These commercially available remedial programs tapped a range of skills, such as right/left discrimination, color matching, visual scanning, judgment of line orientation, visual search, shape discrimination,(More)