Peter L Moeller

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In Memoriam This paper is dedicated to the memory of our friend and colleague John L. Norton, who wrote the original versions of the computer programs that we use to calculate the single-particle energies and resulting shell and pairing corrections for a deformed folded-Yukawa single-particle potential. Abstract: We tabulate the atomic mass excesses and(More)
The photodegradation of domoic acid in model seawater containing varying amounts of total Fe(lll) (expressed as Fe(lll)), NO(3-), total phosphate (expressed as P04(3-)), and dissolved organic matter (DOM) is reported. A multivariate, microscale, high-throughput experimental approach is described for evaluating how these components interact to control the(More)
We present fission-barrier-height calculations for nuclei throughout the periodic table based on a realistic macroscopic-microscopic model. Compared to other calculations (i) we use a deformation space of a sufficiently high dimension, sampled densely enough to describe the relevant topography of the fission potential, (ii) we unambiguously find the(More)
Nuclei undergoing fission can be described by a multi-dimensional potential-energy surface that guides the nuclear shape evolution--from the ground state, through intermediate saddle points and finally to the configurations of separated fission fragments. Until now, calculations have lacked adequate exploration of the shape parameterization of sufficient(More)
This paper examines the distinguishing characteristics of the effective and the ineffective supervisor and the role, responsibilities, problems, and current needs of the occupational therapy student supervisor. Data were obtained through questionnaires received from 188 therapists and 127 students in 65 fieldwork centers nationwide. Responses indicate a(More)
Occupational therapy students and student supervisors in 65 fieldwork centers nationwide responded to a survey designed a) to appraise the relative value of the fieldwork experience in the occupational therapist's professional development and b) to identify the elements perceived as being essential to a good fieldwork experience. Three stages of(More)
Thermal power plants produce SO 2 during combustion of fuel containing sulfur. One way to decrease the SO 2 emission from power plants is to introduce a sensor as part of the control system of the desulphurization unit. In this study, SiC-FET sensors were studied as one alternative sensor to replace the expensive FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) instrument(More)
A very exotic process of β-delayed fission of 180Tl is studied in detail by using resonant laser ionization with subsequent mass separation at ISOLDE (CERN). In contrast to common expectations, the fission-fragment mass distribution of the post-β-decay daughter nucleus 180Hg (N/Z=1.25) is asymmetric. This asymmetry is more surprising since a mass-symmetric(More)
We present results from time-of-flight nuclear mass measurements at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory that are relevant for neutron star crust models. The masses of 16 neutron-rich nuclei in the scandium-nickel range were determined simultaneously, with the masses of (61)V, (63)Cr, (66)Mn, and (74)Ni measured for the first time with mass(More)
The concentration of the estrogens 17beta-estradiol, estriol, estrone, 17alpha-ethinylestradiol, mestranol and norethisterone and of the anthropogenic gadolinium (Gd(ant)) has been determined in the creeks and rivers, sewage treatment plants and water works of the city of Prague. The rapid degradation of estrogens in surface water allows the estrogen(More)