Peter L. M. Kerkhof

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Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in otherwise healthy humans. In particular, most cases of sudden cardiac death occur as a result of failure of the mechanical function of the heart which is triggered by a turbulent pattern of electrical excitation of the heart e.g., ventricular fibrillation (VF). Although the exact mechanisms of VF(More)
Ejection Fraction (EF) has attained the recognition as indicator of global ventricular performance. Remarkably, precise historical origins promoting the apparent importance of EF are scant. During early utilization EF has been declared a gold standard for the evaluation of the heart as a pump. In contrast, during the last two decades, clinicians have(More)
Medical intervention by electrical current as applied to humans or animals may have tremendous therapeutic impact if delivered while being carefully controlled. Otherwise, the situation can be harmful in terms of injury or even become lethal. These consequences demand close inspection of all relevant biological and technical factors. Regarding methods to(More)
Systematic reviews § § Observational studies § § Commentary on clinical trials § § Risk and safety of medical interventions § § Epidemiology and statistical methods § § Evidence-based medicine § § Evaluation of guidelines § § Translational medicine § § Article types include original clinical and basic research arti-The supplement aims to provide readers(More)
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