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—This paper discusses the design, analysis and performance of a low-voltage, highly linear switched-R-MOSFET-C filter. High linearity, even at a low supply voltage, is achieved through the use of duty-cycle-controlled tuning. Tuning MOS-FETs are switched completely on while conducting, such that their nonlinear resistance is much smaller than the linear(More)
A method to generate stable transconductance (g m) without using precise external components is presented. The off-chip resistor in a conventional constant-g m bias circuit is replaced with a variable on-chip resistor. A MOSFET biased in triode region is used as a variable resistor. The resistance of the MOSFET is tuned by a background tuning scheme to(More)
  • Joshua Kenneth Carnes, Un-Ku Moon, Major Professor, Judith Jeffries, Dan Mcelhaney, Steve +22 others
  • 2007
To realize pipelined ADCs in deep-submicron processes, low voltage techniques must be developed to work around problems created by limited supply voltages such as the floating switch dead zone, reduced SNR, and reduced OpAmp performance. This thesis analyzes standard and low voltage design issues for pipelined ADCs and proposes a fully-differential(More)
approved: Gábor C. Temes Digital-to-analog converters (DACs) suffer from static and dynamic nonlinearity problems, which degrade their accuracy and performance. Mismatch errors in the analog components restrict the maximum achievable linearity. This thesis presents various techniques for correcting these errors. It describes a correction process for the(More)
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