Peter Krogh

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The goal of this paper is to give a description of the state of the art, the issues, the problems, and the solutions related to industrial dialog systems for the automation of technical support. After a general description of the evolution of the spoken dialog industry, and the challenges in the development of technical support applications, we will discuss(More)
Political scientists have paid little attention to the manner by which international courts justify their decisions and develop legal norms. We argue that, like domestic review courts, the international courts use legal justifications at least in part to convince “lower” (domestic) courts of the legitimacy of judgments. Several empirical observations are(More)
Service and is the School's primary window on the world of the foreign affairs practitioner. ISD studies the practitioner's craft : how diplomats and other foreign affairs professionals succeed and the lessons to be learned from their successes and failures. Institute programs focus on the foreign policy process: how decisions are made and implemented. ISD(More)
Individual photographers and institutions are struggling with large film archives that require digitizing. Digital cameras can fill an important gap in the scanning environment, enabling large collections to be scanned on-site with low-cost equipment and easily-trained operators. Digital camera scans can now produce very high-quality images, suitable for(More)
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