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Interleukin-1β is one of the main mediators in the cross-talk between the immune system and the central nervous system. Higher interleukin-1β levels are found in mood spectrum disorders, and the stress-induced expression rate of the interleukin-1β gene (IL1B) is altered by polymorphisms in the region. Therefore we examined the effects of rs16944 and(More)
A system for epileptic seizure detection in electroencephalography (EEG) is described in this paper. One of the challenges is to distinguish rhythmic discharges from nonstationary patterns occurring during seizures. The proposed approach is based on an adaptive and localized time-frequency representation of EEG signals by means of rational functions. The(More)
—There is a wide range of applications of rational function systems. Including in system, control theories and signal processing. A special class of rational functions, the so-called Blaschke functions and the orthonormal Malmquist–Takenaka (MT) systems are effectively used for representing signals especially electrocardiograms. We present our project on a(More)
The rational function systems proved to be useful in several areas including system and control theories and signal processing. In this paper, we present an extension of the well-known particle swarm optimization (PSO) method based on the hyperbolic geometry. We applied this method on digital signals to determine the optimal parameters of the rational(More)
Dendritic cell-based active immunotherapies of cancer patients are aimed to provoke the proliferation and differentiation of tumor-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T-lymphocytes towards protective effector cells. Isolation and in vitro differentiation of circulating blood monocytes has been established a reasonable platform for adoptively transferred DC-based(More)
In vitro fertilization has been available for over 3 decades. Its use is becoming more widespread worldwide, and in the developed world, up to 5% of children have been born following IVF. It is estimated that over 5 million children have been conceived in vitro. In addition to giving hope to infertile couples to have their own family, in vitro fertilization(More)
Immuntherapies are frequently accompanied by psychological side effects. Our goals were to detect the changes of psychological factors (depression, anxiety) among melanoma patients during ipilimumab treatment. Ten ipilimumab treated melanoma patients (Group 1.) and 18 low-dose interferon-alpha treated patients (Group 2.) were compared. In our longitudinal(More)
OBJECTIVE The most frequent serious psychological side effect of immune therapies is depression. In the present study, we tested whether social support, as a positive environmental effect, is able to moderate depression or anxiety symptoms in melanoma patients during adjuvant low-dose interferon treatment. METHODS Hundred and twenty-seven melanoma(More)