Peter Kochevar

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Visualization management systems which integrate database management , data visualization, and graphical user-interface generation into one package are becoming essential tools for conducting science. Unfortunately, the link between data management and data visualization is not very well understood. To make matters worse, most database management systems(More)
A prototype <i>visualization management system is</i> described which merges the capabilities of a database management system with any number of existing visualization packages such as AVS or IDL. The prototype uses the Postgres database management system to store and access Earth science data through a simple graphical browser. Data located in the database(More)
people share the need to find and assimilate information. Data from which information is created is increasingly available electronically, and that data is becoming more and more accessible with the proliferation of computer networks. Therefore, the world is quickly becoming abstracted as a collection of net-worked data spaces, where a data space is a data(More)
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