Peter Klein

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We present a new visualization approach for metadata combining different visualizations into a so-called Su-perTable accompanied by a Scatterplot. The goal is to improve user experience during the information seeking process. Our new visualizations are based on our experiences developing a visual information retrieval system called INSYDER to supply small(More)
In this paper we will present a new approach combining different visu-alizations into a so called SuperTable with a Scatterplot. The goal was to improve user experience during the information seeking process. Originally INSYDER was a system to supply small and medium size enterprises with business information from the Internet by using a local meta search(More)
Um diese Zielstellung zu erreichen, haben wir – basierend auf fremden und eigenen Vorarbeiten (siehe Kapitel 2)-im Rahmen eines Forschungsprojektes namens VisMeB einen Visuellen Meta-daten-Browser entwickelt, der in unterschiedlichen Anwendungsdomänen (siehe Kapitel 3) zum Einsatz kommen kann. Der Metadatenbrowser wurde als generisches Framework zur(More)
The video-paper describes a java prototype of a generic visual information retrieval system called VisMeB, developed to visualize metadata within various contexts. We reconsidered common visualization strategies and applied them to different domains. The system we describe offers visual assistance in exploring large amounts of datasets from different(More)
Users of Information Retrieval systems have often been the target group of Human-Computer Interaction researchers. A lot of effort has been spent inventing new forms of visualizations to support the information seeking process. 1 Information Retrieval and Information Visualization are tight coupled fields of research. 2 Together with psychology (which(More)
In the project inDAgo several demonstrators for helping elderly people in their mobility were developed. User research results showed an aversion to conspicuous assistive products. Thus the project focused on developing demonstrators with the appearance of invisible companions. The autonomous demonstrators were built in a ubiquitous, adaptive environment.(More)