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I test the disposition effect, the tendency of investors to hold losing investments too long and sell winning investments too soon, by analyzing trading records for 10,000 accounts at a large discount brokerage house. These investors demonstrate a strong preference for realizing winners rather than losers. Their behavior does not appear to be motivated by a(More)
In this paper, I set up scenarios where the mean-variance capital asset pricing model is true and where it is false. Then I investigate whether the coefficients from regressions of population expected excess returns on population betas, and expected excess returns on betas and size, allow us to distinguish between the scenarios. I show that the coefficients(More)
This paper presents a new framework for Metadata Visualization Systems called VisMeB (Visual Metadata Browser). It is based upon redesign ideas from the INSY-DER 1 System that were come under extensive evaluations. The aim of our approach is to improve the process of finding relevant information in an intuitive yet multifunc-tional way. We use a ScatterPlot(More)
We present a new visualization approach for metadata combining different visualizations into a so-called Su-perTable accompanied by a Scatterplot. The goal is to improve user experience during the information seeking process. Our new visualizations are based on our experiences developing a visual information retrieval system called INSYDER to supply small(More)
The discrete-time dynamic investment model, using only historical data in various asset-allocation settings, often produces significant abnormal returns. However, the model does not choose the diversified portfolios that theory suggests it should. Therefore, in this paper, we compare the investment policies and returns of the model with and without(More)
The development of a mobile robot to assist people in their home is a long term goal of Fraunhofer IPA. As a vision of a future household product, the latest prototype, Care-O-bot<sup>&#x00AE;</sup> 3, is equipped with the latest industrial state-of-the art hardware components and offers all modern multimedia and interaction equipment as well as most(More)
In this paper we will present a new approach combining different visu-alizations into a so called SuperTable with a Scatterplot. The goal was to improve user experience during the information seeking process. Originally INSYDER was a system to supply small and medium size enterprises with business information from the Internet by using a local meta search(More)