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A Centrifuge Study of Seismic Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction on Liquefiable Ground and Implications for Design in Dense Urban Areas
Current practice in seismic design often assumes free-field conditions for the estimation of liquefaction-induced building settlement. This is inaccurate, as a structure places additional stresses on
Centrifuge Testing of Monopiles for Offshore Wind Turbines
Monopiles are one of the preferred foundation technologies for use in offshore wind developments. During the lifetime of an offshore wind turbine, it is subjected to millions of lateral load cycles.
Flattening the Church
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council. Even with the passing of half a century, among Catholics there is still contention and ambivalence about the legacy
“Lord Cromer’s Shadow”: Political Anglo-Saxonism and the Egyptian Protectorate as a Model in the American Philippines
Abstract:This article revisits the nature of American expansionism in the Progressive Era. It contends that the figure of Evelyn Baring, the first Earl of Cromer, and the British “Veiled
Influence of Dense Granular Columns on the Performance of Level and Gently Sloping Liquefiable Sites
AbstractDense granular columns are often used as a liquefaction mitigation measure to (1) enhance drainage; (2) provide shear reinforcement; and (3) densify and increase lateral stresses in the sur...
Considerations for the Mitigation of Earthquake-Induced Soil Liquefaction in Urban Environments
AbstractIn cities, seismic coupling between structures is known to influence ground motions, settlement patterns, and demand on superstructures. Yet the effects of interactions between soil and bui...
Influence of prefabricated vertical drains on the seismic performance of similar neighbouring structures founded on liquefiable deposits
Increasing the resilience of structures to seismically induced soil liquefaction is a major objective for the earthquake engineering community. Increasingly, soil drains are being used to mitigate ...
The Impact of Fiction on Public Debate in Late Victorian Britain: The Battle of Dorking and the “Lost Career” of Sir George Tomkyns Chesney
This article re-examines the impact of The Battle of Dorking (1871)—a seminal work of British “speculative fiction”—on print and political debates throughout the 1870s and beyond. In doing so, it