Peter Kersch

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Nowadays the spread of wireless technologies and mobile devices shape networking visions of ambient and persistent mobile networks that mobile users are able to have resort to. Since ambient networks are heterogeneous, distributed and dynamically forming networks, new and sophisticated network management architecture is needed to cope with the special(More)
When different wireless networks come in close proximity there is often a need for them to logically combine, or compose. We focus on a known research problem particularly in Ambient Networks (ANs), where heterogeneous Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) contained in these wireless networks need to merge or divide as a result of these dynamic (de)composition(More)
Existing research work on Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) assume that, prior to actually establishing a DHT, large number potential member nodes would come together at one point and at one place, and would all agree on the characteristics of the DHT to-be-established. This paper presents DHT bootstrapping, which is a novel approach to enable secure,(More)
This paper presents an analytical model that helps understanding the common foundations of routing in DHTs and provides means for analytical comparison of different systems and different parameter combinations. In the proposed model, a logarithmic transformation is applied to the metric space embedding node identifiers. We show that in this transformed(More)
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