Peter Keenan

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The continuing development of DSS applications requires that new technologies be exploited to allow new classes of decision be supported. This paper discusses the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) as a Decision Support System (DSS) generator to create Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS). Many important areas of DSS application, such as(More)
Significant payment flows now take place on-line, giving rise to a requirement for efficient and effective systems for the detection of credit card fraud. A particular aspect of this problem is that it is highly dynamic, as fraudsters continually adapt their strategies in response to the increasing sophistication of detection systems. Hence, system training(More)
OBJECTIVE Bell's palsy is a non-life threatening disorder with important functional and psychosocial effects. While recent research has shown significant benefit from treatment with steroids in adults, there have been no conclusive studies demonstrating benefit in children. This study set out to explore the medium term resolution of symptoms in Bell's palsy(More)
In 1998, 48% of persons who had HIV testing at publicly funded sites in the United States failed to return for test results and posttest counseling. Opportunities for timely HIV therapy were lost; valuable resources were wasted. This study tested the hypothesis that rapid HIV testing enables a high percentage of high-risk outreach clients to learn their(More)
The field of vehicle routing has seen the development of a variety of mathematical techniques. While the practical application of these techniques has depended on the use of spatial information such as road networks, these techniques have developed independently of other users of spatial information. This paper argues that traditional routing techniques(More)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) represent an application of information technology (IT) in business that has yet to reach full maturity. Like other forms of information system (IS), the development of GIS in commercial organizations has been greatly influenced by developments in IT and in the subsequent availability of software to exploit these(More)