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SUMMARY Digital punch cutting is today's font technology. There are three different methods available for getting alphabets into digital form : hand-digitizing, auto-tracing and direct design on a workstation screen. The advent of intelligent font scaling requires us to ensure the 'optical' quality of a font and also the 'numerical' quality of its data;(More)
Issues involved in computer generated video animation will be addressed by the producers of the video and the clients who use the product. The producers of computer generated video include independent production houses and production departments within the television networks. The clients include advertising agencies and the news, sports and entertainment(More)
filment of a requirement for the Ph.D. degree. Thành, as most readers of TUGboat will know, is the creator of pdfT E X, an extended implementation of T E X that can generate pdf output directly as an alternative to dvi. The first steps toward what would become pdfT E X were introduced to TUG '96 in Dubna, Russia [8] by Petr Sojka. Response to the(More)
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