Peter K. Schenck

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Pulsed laser deposition was used to grow continuous spread thin film libraries of continuously varying composition as a function of position on a substrate. The thickness of each component that contributes to a library can be empirically modeled to a bimodal cosine power distribution. We deposited ternary continuous spread thin film libraries from(More)
An all-optical terahertz absorption technique for nondestructive characterization of nanometer-scale metal oxide thin films grown on silicon substrates is described. Example measurements of laser-deposited TiO2 and atomic layer-deposited films of HfO2 are presented to demonstrate applicability to pure Y2O3, Al2O3, and VOx and mixed combinatorial films as a(More)
Compositionally graded combinatorial films have been characterized by a high throughput automated spectroscopic reflectometer. The data from this instrument were used to map the thickness and index of refraction of the compositionally varying films. Combinatorial films produced by dual-beam, dual-target pulsed laser deposition and characterized with the(More)
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