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OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to assess burnout in a sample of general practitioners (GPs), to determine factors associated with depersonalisation and to investigate its impact on doctors' consultations with patients. DESIGN Cross-sectional, postal survey of GPs using the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI). Patient survey and tape-recording of(More)
  • Peter K Orton
  • The British journal of general practice : the…
  • 1997
coveries in medicine, but now their benefits are about to be lost through antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is not new, but what is new is that many more bacteria have developed resistance — and to a larger number of antibiotics. This rapidly developing problem is global and is related to the pattern of antibiotic use. There are significant(More)
Family day care--child day care provided in a private home other than the child's own--includes more children than any other mode of day care in the United States. Day care homes have traditionally cared for a large proportion of younger children, particularly infants and toddlers, who are most likely to contract and spread infectious diseases. The majority(More)
I was glad to read Professor Ogden’s thoughtful ‘Out of Hours’ on ‘The vanishing skill of watchful waiting’.1 Clearly, as the Preacher says (Ecclesiastes 3:1) there is a season for everything; a time to act immediately and a time to ‘wait a wee while’. The skill in both the art and science of medicine is in knowing when the one or the other is the more(More)
The quality and usefulness of the EuroTransMed (ETM) international satellite medical educational programmes were assessed. Medical educational sessions are broadcast once a week from London in English to over 140 sites in Europe. The aim is to provide an update of medical information to physicians as a part of their continuing medical education (CME). A(More)
Depersonalisation in GPs We thank the Editor and Dale and Old1 for commissioning and writing an interesting commentary on our research on depersonalistion as a form of burnout in GPs. Given that we received the biggest number of completed Maslach Inventories so far reported (564 GPs, with 42% depersonalised), we agree the findings merit serious attention.(More)
BACKGROUND The length of consultations is an important factor affecting the quality of care in general practice. It is however difficult to study as many factors are simultaneously involved. Much that is known is about patient factors as so far, doctor factors have been neglected. OBJECTIVE To investigate multiple factors affecting consultation length,(More)
The effects of metal ion exposure on osteocytes, the most abundant cell type in bone and responsible for coordinating bone remodeling, remain unclear. However, several studies have previously shown that exposure to cobalt (Co2+ ) and chromium (Cr3+ ), at concentrations equivalent to those found clinically, affect osteoblast and osteoclast survival and(More)
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