Peter K. H. Lau

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Immune checkpoint inhibitors offer patients with advanced melanoma substantial improvements in survival. Unlike chemotherapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors such as ipilimumab and pembrolizumab cause unique immune-related adverse events (irAEs), including the development of endocrinopathies. We report a case of a man aged 60 years who developed diabetic(More)
To the Editor—Cytomegalovirus (CMV) disease is a common pathogen and represents a difficult clinical problem in transplant recipients. CMV-naive patients receiving a CMV-positive allograft may experience complications, such as retinitis, gastritis, colitis, and pneumonitis, which may force clinicians to reduce immunosuppressive agents, thereby risking(More)
Recent research related to the aircraft container loading and scheduling problem for airfreight forwarding business has seen significant advances in terms of load plan optimization, taking into account the cost and volume of packed boxes. In today’s competitive industrial environment, it is essential that freight forwarders are able to collaborate with(More)
Melanoma is at the forefront of development of systemic therapeutics with both molecular targeted therapies and immune checkpoint inhibitors as cornerstones of treatment. Although responses to molecularly targeted therapy is largely from blockade of oncogenic pathways, evidence is emerging of the immunomodulatory effects from BRAF inhibition. Additionally(More)
PURPOSE Numerous oncology units have separated outpatient appointments and chemotherapy delivery to another day (TOD) to improve efficiency. This survey assessed patient preferences for scheduling medical oncology outpatient appointments and chemotherapy delivery for either treatment delivered on the same day as the outpatient appointment (TSD) or TOD. (More)
BACKGROUND Antiprogrammed death-1 antibodies (anti-PD1) have response rates of 40% in metastatic melanoma. Patients with poor performance status (PS) were excluded from clinical trials, yet use of anti-PD1 is widespread in clinical practice. Literature regarding clinical and palliative care outcomes in patients with poor PS treated with anti-PD1 is lacking.(More)
the fuzzy centriod method. Genetic algorithms (GA). since first introduced by Holland [I] in early 1970s. was applied on optimization problems and showed significant performance. However, it was seldom mentioned in manufacturing literature, especially in optimizing resources allocation problems and line balancing problems. This paper is concerned with(More)
Primary spinal glioblastoma (GBM) is a rare spinal tumour and is considered to have poor prognosis. We describe a case of a 17-year-old adolescent boy with a cervical spine GBM presenting with neck pain and right upper limb weakness. Initial spinal MRI demonstrated a 4.5 cm lesion extending from C2 to C5 suspicious for demyelination. Despite high-dose(More)