Peter Juma Ochieng

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BACKGROUND Cervical hematoma can be a potentially fatal complication after thyroidectomy, but its risk factors and timing remain poorly understood. METHODS We conducted a retrospective, case-control study identifying 207 patients from 15 institutions in 3 countries who developed a hematoma requiring return to the operating room (OR) after thyroidectomy.(More)
Fingerprint authentication process plays a crucial role for human identifications. Fingerprint stored in the database are often used to confirm individual identity in cases like security checks, disaster, and medical jurisprudence. However, when dealing with the database consisting of a huge number of the fingerprint, recognizing the correct fingerprint(More)
The enormous amount of short reads generated by the new DNA sequencing technologies call for the development of fast and accurate read alignment programs. A first generation of hash table-based methods has been developed, including Mapping and Assembly with Quality (MAQ), which is accurate, feature rich and fast enough to align short reads from a single(More)
Aflatoxin B1 are toxic metabolites of Aspergilus flavas and Aspergilus parasiticus which usually contaminant foods such peanuts, corn, and other grains as well as animal feeds resulting into intoxication. Studies have been conducted to elucidated the mechanism of AFB1 toxicity however, there is still a challenge explore the risk associated with AFB1.(More)
Ontologies have become a popular means of knowledge sharing and reuse. This has motivated development of large independent ontologies within the same or different domains with some overlapping information among them. In order to match such large ontologies, automatic matchers become an inevitable solution. This work explores the use of a predictive(More)
Software sizing is a crucial activity among the task of software management. Work planning and subsequent estimation of effort required is based on the estimate of the software size required. Software developers are realizing the need to speed up the development process to respond to customers' needs . This has resulted in adoption of rapid development(More)
Identification of gene expression patterns when studying complex and dynamic biological processes such as gene regulatory functions is critical. Gene expression is a continuous biological phenomenon and can be represented by a continuous function (curve). Each gene behaving in such a continuous functions often shares similar functional forms. However,(More)
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