Peter John Bentley

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This paper identifies the limitations of conventional crossover in genetic algorithms when operating on two chromosomes of differing lengths. To address these problems, the concept of a Semantic Hierarchy (i.e. tree of meaning) of a genotype within a genetic algorithm is introduced. With this in mind, a new form of crossover operator known as Hierarchical(More)
This paper describes an attempt to enable computers to generate truly novel conceptual designs of solid objects by using genetic algorithms (GAs). The current capabilities of the system are illustrated by the example of designing a table. Each individual table has its functionality specified by an explicit objective function, which is utilised by GAs to(More)
There's a question that is guaranteed to frustrate me. It's: " what is your current research? " or sometimes (if the questioner knows me), " what are you up to these days? " or (if the questioner doesn't know me), " what do you do for a living? " Like any academic, I have long-winded answers to all such questions. But however much I talk of topics such as(More)
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