Peter Jeppsson

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Acute epiglottitis, which is almost exclusively caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b, was studied retrospectively in children 0 to 15 years old in a defined region of southwest Sweden from 1971 through 1980; 211 patients with clinically well-documented acute epiglottitis were found. The age-specific incidence was 14/100,000/year, which was higher than(More)
Sebaceous carcinoma of the parotid gland is a rare lesion. A review of the literature revealed 19 previously reported cases. A case is presented in which a sebaceous carcinoma of the parotid gland was diagnosed 20 years after the first symptoms. Histologic and cytologic features are presented and the possible histogenesis discussed.
Arterial hypertension was found in 78 of 224 consecutive patients operated for nasal polyposis. An exacerbated degree of hypertension was significant in groups aged above 50 years. In total, 46% of patients whose nasal polyposis lasted for more than 10 years suffered from hypertension. Fifty of 78 patients developed hypertension after nasal polyposis had(More)
A reinvestigation of 171 basal cell carcinomas of the head and neck treated by surgical excision revealed 23 recurrences. Recurrence rate in one group of basal cell carcinomas, situated on embryologic fusion lines, was statistically higher than in other groups of basal cell carcinomas situated on other parts of the face and on the capillitium which served(More)
In this paper a model for collaboration between engineers in a distributed virtual environment, based upon a suite of specialised computer tools is presented. The system uses the distributed virtual reality system DIVE, which has been customised to allow interoperability with existing CAD systems. Other tools implemented to support information exchange in a(More)
25 patients, 15 children and 10 adults, with the clinical diagnosis of acute epiglottitis were studied. Patients severely ill on admission, 13 children and 1 adult, were immediately treated with tracheotomy and antibiotics; the remaining patients with antibiotics only. Haemophilus influenzae type b was the causative organism in all children and in 3 adults.(More)
An unselected material of 177 patients with malignant tumours of the oral cavity is presented and classified according to the TNM system. A therapeutic classification based on the TNM system is proposed. The material is analyzed regarding the 5-year survival rate and the frequency of recurrences in different therapeutic groups.