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Hereditary chronic conjugated hyperbilirubinemia in mutant rats caused by defective hepatic anion transport
The bile flow in mutant rats is reduced to about 50%. Expand
Expression of nitric oxide synthases and formation of nitrotyrosine and reactive oxygen species in inflammatory bowel disease
Results show that iNOS is induced in epithelial cells from patients with active ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, indicating that tissue damage during active inflammation in IBD patients is probably more related to ROS‐producing cells than to NO. Expand
Antiviral activity of telaprevir (VX‐950) and peginterferon alfa‐2a in patients with hepatitis C
Telaprevir (VX‐950), an inhibitor of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS3/4A protease, substantially decreased plasma HCV RNA levels in a prior clinical study. The present study evaluated viral kineticsExpand
Farnesoid X receptor and bile salts are involved in transcriptional regulation of the gene encoding the human bile salt export pump
Results show thatFXR is required for the bile salt–dependent transcriptional control of the human ABCB11 gene and that the cellular amount of FXR is critical for the level of activation ofABCB11 transcription. Expand
Discourse Complements Lexical Semantics for Non-factoid Answer Reranking
We propose a robust answer reranking model for non-factoid questions that integrates lexical semantics with discourse information, driven by two representations of discourse: a shallow representationExpand
Gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary morbidity after 3D conformal radiotherapy of prostate cancer: observations of a randomized trial.
Conformal radiotherapy at the dose level of 66 Gy does not significantly decrease the incidence of rectal, anal and bladder toxicity compared to conventional radiotherapy, and there is a significant relationship between acute and late toxicity and the anal volume exposed to 90% TD. Expand
What’s in an Explanation? Characterizing Knowledge and Inference Requirements for Elementary Science Exams
This work develops an explanation-based analysis of knowledge and inference requirements, which supports a fine-grained characterization of the challenges, and compares a retrieval and an inference solver on 212 questions. Expand
Brachytherapy versus surgery in carcinoma of tonsillar fossa and/or soft palate: late adverse sequelae and performance status: can we be more selective and obtain better tissue sparing?
It is suggested that it is not necessary to treat the contralateral neck, unless the tumor extends beyond the midline of the soft palate (uvula) or beyond the lateral one-third of the ipsilateral base of the tongue, as excellent locoregional control was obtained in T1-T3 tonsillar fossa and/or SP tumors. Expand
Liver pathology and hepatocarcinogenesis in a long‐term mouse model of erythropoietic protoporphyria
It is suggested that the obstruction and damage of a proportion of large and small bile ducts by PP deposits cause an accumulation of PP in the parenchyma, which leads to damage and loss of hepatocytes due to the toxic effects of PP. Expand
Creating Causal Embeddings for Question Answering with Minimal Supervision
This work argues that a better approach is to look for answers that are related to the question in a relevant way, according to the information need of the question, which may be determined through task-specific embeddings, and implements causality as a use case. Expand