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MiniZinc: Towards a Standard CP Modelling Language
We present MiniZinc, a simple but expressive CP modelling language which is suitable for modelling problems for a range of solvers and provides a reasonable compromise between many design possibilities. Expand
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Programming with Constraints: An Introduction
Part 1 Constraints: constraints simplifications, optimization and implication finite constraint domains. Expand
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MUSTANG: A multiple structural alignment algorithm
Multiple structural alignment is a fundamental problem in structural genomics. In this article, we define a reliable and robust algorithm, MUSTANG (MUltiple STructural AligNment AlGorithm), for theExpand
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Discovery of Minimal Unsatisfiable Subsets of Constraints Using Hitting Set Dualization
We show how to incrementally compute both these sets, using the fact that the complements of the maximal satisfiable constraint sets are the hitting sets of the minimal unsatisfiable constraint set. Expand
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The Semantics of Constraint Logic Programs
The Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) Scheme gave a formal framework, based on constraints, for the basic operational, logical and algebraic semantics of an extended class of logic programs. Expand
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The Refined Operational Semantics of Constraint Handling Rules
Constraint Handling Rules use an operational semantics which is considerably finer than the theoretical operational semantics, but is still non-deterministic (from the user’s perspective). Expand
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Propagation via lazy clause generation
We describe how to mimic a finite domain propagation engine, by mapping propagators into clauses in a SAT solver. Expand
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Efficient constraint propagation engines
This article presents a model and implementation techniques for speeding up constraint propagation based on propagators that combine the effects of multiple propagators with priorities for greater efficiency. Expand
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The Cassowary linear arithmetic constraint solving algorithm
We describe Cassowary---an incremental algorithm based on the dual simplex method, which can solve simultaneous linear equations and inequalities efficiently. Expand
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Semantics of Logic Programs with Aggregates
We investigate the semantics of aggregates (count, sum, : : :) in logic programs with function symbols and negation. Expand
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