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Software based emulation of a real hardware is an imitation of its internal design by the software application (model), which behavior is similar to the behavior of the hardware (keeps functionality). Emulators are used with advantage in development (where expensive or old hardware is partially or completely supplied by an emulator), testing and also as a(More)
The idea of distributed computer emulation is presented within this paper. Since classic emulation techniques put the power load on the host CPU only, the new approach tries to distribute the load among other available processors within the host platform. The implementation uses OpenCL framework. This standard allows writing high parallel and portable(More)
Within the paper a description of communication model of plug-in based emuStudio emulation platform is given. The platform mentioned above allows the emulation of whole computer systems, config-urable to the level of its components, represented by the plug-in modules of the platform. Development tasks still are in progress at the home institution of the(More)
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