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Wild cats status survey and conservation action plan
Presents the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available on the 36 wild cats of the world. It includes the first published collection of detailed range maps and some of the first
Introduction to expert systems
From the Publisher: The third edition of Peter Jackson's book, Introduction to Expert Systems, updates the technological base of expert systems research and embeds those results in the context of a
Riding the tiger : tiger conservation in human-dominated landscapes
Foreword Richard Burge Preface John Seidensticker, Peter Jackson and Sarah Christie Part I. Introducing the Tiger: 1. Ecology, behaviour and resilience of the tiger and its conservation needs Mel
Natural language processing for online applications : text retrieval, extraction and categorization
This text covers the emerging technologies of document retrieval, information extraction, and text categorization in a way which highlights commonalities in terms of both general principles and
Commercial cultures: Transcending the cultural and the economic
In recent years there have been repeated calls for a convergence between ‘the cultural’ and ‘the economic’. This paper provides a specific take on these issues through an exploration of the contested
Maps of meaning
1. The Heritage of Cultural geography 2. Problems and Alternatives 3. Culture and Ideology 4. Popular Culture and the Politics of Class 5. Gender and Sexuality 6. Languages of Racism 7. The Politics
Food stories: consumption in an age of anxiety
This paper (originally presented as the Cultural Geographies 2009 annual lecture) reflects on the agenda set out in Maps of meaning 20 years ago which sought to chart a series of new directions in
Transnationalism and the spaces of commodity culture
This paper presents a critical assessment of the concept of transnationalism and its place within the current refiguration of cultural geography. Identifying three specific concerns with current
On the Tibetan plateau
Rematerializing social and cultural geography
The recent history of social and cultural geography has been characterized by a series of sometimes heated exchanges between different schools of thought, often couched in terms of a contrast between