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Two categories of mammalian galactose-binding receptors distinguished by glycan array profiling.
Profiling of the four known galactose-binding receptors in the C-type lectin family has been undertaken in parallel on a glycan array. The results are generally consistent with those of previousExpand
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Identification of Novel Contributions to High-affinity Glycoprotein–Receptor Interactions using Engineered Ligands
Engineered receptor fragments and glycoprotein ligands employed in different assay formats have been used to dissect the basis for the dramatic enhancement of binding of two model membrane receptors,Expand
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Selective Binding of the Scavenger Receptor C-type Lectin to Lewisx Trisaccharide and Related Glycan Ligands*
The scavenger receptor C-type lectin (SRCL) is an endothelial receptor that is similar in organization to type A scavenger receptors for modified low density lipoproteins but contains a C-typeExpand
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Lewis x Antigen Mediates Adhesion of Human Breast Carcinoma Cells to Activated Endothelium. Possible Involvement of the Endothelial Scavenger Receptor C-type Lectin
Lewis x (Lex, CD15), also known as SSEA-1 (stage specific embryonic antigen-1), is a trisaccharide with the structure Galβ(1–4)Fucα(1–3)GlcNAc, which is expressed on glycoconjugates in humanExpand
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