Peter J Zavalij

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The layered telluride, Fe(1+x)Te, is a parent compound of the isostructural and superconducting phases, Fe(1+x)(Te, Se, S). Here we show that, through a simple reaction of I(2) vapor with both powder and single crystal samples, the interstitial iron can be removed from the FeTe framework topotactically. Neutron powder diffraction and X-ray single crystal(More)
We have prepared Ba6Fe25S27, and studied its magnetic properties and electronic structure. Single crystal diffraction revealed a cubic phase (Pm3[combining macron]m) with a = 10.2057(9) Å and Z = 1. Within the large cubic cell, tetrahedrally coordinated Fe atoms arrange into octonuclear Fe8(μ4-S)6(S8) clusters, which can be described as a cube of Fe atoms(More)
A highly regio- and diastereoselective synthesis of bicyclic pyrazolidinone derivatives by rhodium(II) acetate catalyzed [3 + 3]-annulation with enoldiazoacetates and azomethine imines has been achieved in high yield. A vinylogous reaction of the metal enol carbene with the azomethine imine initiates [3 + 3]-cycloaddition, whereas reaction at the carbene(More)
Silver(I)-catalyzed asymmetric formal [3+3]-cycloaddition of nitrones with a donor-acceptor cyclopropene, formed in situ from dirhodium acetate-catalyzed dinitrogen extrusion/intramolecular cyclization of enoldiazoacetates, effectively generates 3,6-dihydro-1,2-oxazine derivatives in high yield and with exceptional stereocontrol.
Single crystal and powder samples of the series of iron chalcogenide superconductors with nominal composition, Fe((1.15))Te((1-)y)S(y), are found to form for 0 ≤ y ≤ 0.15. They crystallize in the tetragonal anti-PbO structure, which is composed of layers of edge-shared Fe(Te, S)(4) tetrahedra. For y = 0, Fe(1+x)Te (x ≈ 0.12(1)) is nonsuperconducting and(More)