Peter J W Lutman

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A series of rotation experiments at five sites over four years has explored the environmental and agronomic implications of growing herbicide tolerant oilseed rape and sugar beet. This paper reports on the population dynamics of volunteer rape (Brassica napus). The experiments compared four winter oilseed rape (WOSR) cultivars: a conventional cultivar(More)
The Park Grass Experiment (PGE) is the longest-observed set of experimental plant communities in existence. Although the gross composition of the vegetation was at equilibrium over the 60-yr period from 1920 to 1979, annual records show that individual species exhibited a range of dynamics. We tested two hypotheses to explain why some species initially(More)
We report the successful amplification of microsatellite markers for the chloroplast genome from century-old samples of 2 grasses growing in the Park Grass Experiment (PGE):Anthoxanthum ordoratum andFestuca rubra. This opens the possibility of establishing a long-term genetic time series for the PGE, which began in 1856 and is believed to be the oldest(More)
Field and pot experiments to determine whether the tuber size of volunteer potatoes affected their susceptibility to foliar applications of metoxuron are reported. The reduction in haulm weight of plants from small tubers (2–3 cm diameter) was greater than that of plants from large ones (4–5 cm diameter). This greater control was related to the lower vigour(More)
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