Peter J. Sackett

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Increasingly automotive manufacturers are aiming for mass customisation, providing such a variety of products that nearly everyone can "nd what they want. More product variety is causing escalating costs and complexity in manufacturing. It is not clear how the manufacturing system engendered by lean production will respond to this challenge. Manufacturers(More)
Manufacturing rasearch has been focused on point solutions and technology-driven solutions. These have not delivered the step changes in performance needed, nor have they been adopted by wide sections of industry so the total business benefit resulting has been modest. The authors propose that manufacturing research must now place greater emphasis on total(More)
Small companies face an increasingly turbulent business environment. They are traditionally ‘power’ cultures, with informal, chaotic, communication flows. This has enabled them to maintain flexibility. However, informal information is no longer enough in the face of complexity. These companies need to concentrate onformal information for traceability.(More)
A company web site is the most popular e-business application across all business sectors. Establishing and maintaining these sites is expensive. In many cases the business benefits deriving from the site are not clear. Despite the considerable expenditure in time and money in the creation of company websites there has been little empirical research(More)
This paper investigates empowerment within manufacturing production. Empowerment is multidimensional. Understanding the implications of operationalising empowerment requires an appreciation of all its dimensions. These dimensions are captured in Empowerment Profiles, which are incorporated within a conceptual framework. A sample of the Empowerment Profiles(More)
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