Peter J. Robinson

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This paper presents the multi-threading and internet message communication capabilities of Qu-Prolog. Message addresses are symbolic and the communications package provides high-level support that completely hides details of IP addresses and port numbers as well as the underlying TCP/IP transport layer. The combination of the multi-threads and the high(More)
The Peirce project (named after Charles Sanders Peirce) is an international collabora-tive project aiming to construct a freely available conceptual graphs workbench to support research in the conceptual graphs community in areas such as natural language processing, enterprise modelling, program speciication and veriication, management information systems ,(More)
For representing high level knowledge, such as the mathematical knowledge used in interactive theorem provers and veriication systems, it is desirable to extend Prolog's concept of data object. A basic reason is that Prolog data objects | Herbrand objects | are terms of a minimal object language, which does not include its own object variables, or(More)
SUMMARY Pedro is a TCP/IP publish/subscribe server implemented in C that uses Prolog technology for testing subscriptions against notifications. It provides both content and address based routing of messages between processes. An inter-process message M is a string representation of a Pedro term (usually but not necessarily a variable free term). A(More)