Peter J Reschke

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Emotion can be communicated through multiple distinct modalities. However, an often-ignored channel of communication is posture. Recent research indicates that bodily posture plays an important role in the perception of emotion. However, research examining postural communication of emotion is limited by the variety of validated emotion poses and unknown(More)
Whereas some arguments can be advanced suggesting that the life expectancy in east Germany should have declined directly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, other arguments suggest an increase. The aim of this study was to identify the actual developments and to explain the findings. Census data and mortality statistics from East and West Germany(More)
Affective face perception is influenced by nonfacial contextual elements. However, investigations often conflate body posture and emotion scene, making it unclear whether posture or the combination of posture and scene produces perception-altering effects. This study examined adults' categorizations of disgust facial expressions superimposed onto isolated(More)
Emotional communication regulates the behaviors of social partners. Research on individuals' responding to others' emotions typically compares responses to a single negative emotion compared with responses to a neutral or positive emotion. Furthermore, coding of such responses routinely measure surface level features of the behavior (e.g., approach vs.(More)
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